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Ask Me Anything, from Reddit

HERE is an ‘ask me anything’ thread that I put up on reddit:bjj. I gave a short overview of my trip and invited people to post questions. I appreciated the participation and I think I answered all of the questions to this point. 

The Reddit BJJ community is great. It has people of all levels from all over the world with some brilliant insights. If you train, you should definitely check out this forum.



Just to recap:
Money was getting low in south Florida, low enough that I wouldn’t have a cushion if something went wrong, so I was preparing to find a job.
A friend in Austin promised me some work so I spent what I had left in New Orleans and then went to Austin. But the job fell through.
As I was looking for work in Austin, I got another job offer from a friend in Phoenix, where I used to live. It was a good gig and I could train at my old gym, so I spent my last dollars on gas and bailed.
When I arrived, the job had evaporated. It wasn’t her fault but she felt bad and gave me some money, which I gratefully accepted.

So here I am now in Phoenix. Decision time.
I could stay here, or go back to MT, or work for a bit and continue the Rally. They all have pros and cons.

I’ll weigh my options on this blog and we’ll figure it out together.

Trip Stats:

5 months 16 days (169 days)
30 states and 1 province, 5 of those states I didn’t train in
around 8,000 miles on the odometer
66 gyms, 1 home gym
spent around $5,500